Chafik Meniar earns his Master’s Degree

Chafik Meniar, an M.Sc. student under the supervision of Pr. Sylvain Hallé, has submitted the final version of his Master’s thesis last August. Chafik’s project involved the development of an extension to Cornipickle, a system developed at LIF and which allows the detection of various kinds of bugs in the graphical interface of web sites. Chafik’s specific contribution was to port Cornipickle to Android applications, as well as to video games developed in the popular Unity engine. Chafik’s work has already been published in a research paper at the international Runtime Verification conference in 2017, and a second paper is in preparation.

Chafik has also chosen to continue his work at the PhD level, staying at LIF under Pr. Hallé’s supervision.

Congratulations Chafik, and good luck in your PhD!


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