doc-brownLIF is focused on all aspects related to the verification, testing and security of computer applications. Its research topics can best be described through the projects currently active in the lab. All these projects involve the development of new theories based on Mathematics, as much as the design and implementation of concrete software tools putting these concepts in application.

Finding bugs in web applications

We have all witnessed defects in web applications: text extending outside its frame, buttons that do nothing, inconsistent behaviour across multiple pages… See how a software tool developed at LIF aims to detect these problems quickly and easily in applications we can find on the web. [Learn more]

Needle in a haystack

From medical records to network surveilance, an increasing number of applications generate data that evolve as time goes by. LIF is developing a Complex Event Processing application called BeepBeep that can search for all sorts of patterns inside such “streams” of data. Yes, this even applies to the execution of video games! [Learn more]

Computer, test thyself

Testing a software to ensure its quality is a complex and tedious task. At LIF, we develop techniques to help developers write tests for their application. In some cases, the program can even test itself automatically! [Learn more]