The team

Four professors are members of LIF and currently supervise a dozen students of all cycles. In total, since its inception, more than 60 students have worked at LIF, coming from places as diverse as Québec, France, China and Africa.


Photo Sylvain HalléSylvain Hallé, Ph.D. is the Canada Research Chair on Software Specification, Testing and Verification and Full Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Mathematics at UQAC, where he has been working since 2010. He obtained a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) and has worked as a postdoctoral research fellow at University of California, Santa Barbara, from 2008 to 2010. Pr. Hallé has received numerous international awards for his research on software testing and verification, and earned two Governor General of Canada’s Academic Medals, in 1997 and 2009. Notably, he is the author and leader of the BeepBeep project, a lightweight event stream processing library used for runtime verification and testing, and of Cornipickle, a test oracle for user interfaces in web applications.

Photo Raphaël KhouryRaphaël Khoury, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Mathematics at UQAC since 2014. Pr. Khoury has worked for three years as a postdoctoral researcher at DRDC Valcartier, a research and development center for the Canadian Defence. His expertise is centered around computer security, and in particular the real-time detection of attacks and security flaws in computer systems.

Fabio PetrilloFábio Petrillo, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Mathematics at UQAC since 2018. He has been recognized as a pioneer and an international reference on digital games and software engineering. Further, he was the creator of Swarm Debugging, a new collaborative approach to support debugging activities. Pr. Petrillo has worked on Empirical Software Engineering, Software Quality, and Architecture, Debugging, Service-Oriented Architecture, RESTful analysis on Cloud, Agile methods.

Photo Sébastien GabourySébastien Gaboury, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Mathematics at UQAC since 2012. He has authored close to a hundred research papers in international journals and conferences. Pr. Gaboury was the recipient of the Governor General of Canada’s Academic Medal in 2013 for his doctoral work in fundamental mathematics.


The contribution of our graduate and undergraduate students is crucial. All of LIF’s research projects also have an academic component that benefits to all the students that contribute to them.

Ph.D. students

  • Ricardo Ávila
  • Quentin Betti
  • Edmond La Chance
  • Bianca Minetto Napoleão
  • Jalves Nicácio
  • Massiva Roudjane
  • Asma Razgallah
  • Marcela Santos
  • Rania Taleb

Master’s students

  • Alexis Bédard
  • Nicolas Bélanger
  • Souhail Ben Ali, internship at Ubisoft
  • Xavier Chamberland-Thibeault
  • Demétrio Guilard
  • Matthieu Michenot
  • Benjamin Vignau

Undergraduate students

  • Hans Darmstadt-Bélanger, NSERC undergraduate student research award
  • Marc-Antoine Plourde, NSERC undergraduate student research award

LIF alumni

Thanks to all our former students how have worked at LIF since its creation in 2012. (Please contact us if your status has changed or if we forgot you!)

Ph.D. students

  • Oussama Beroual
  • Éric Lunaud Ngoupé

Master’s students

  • Mewena Awesso, internship
  • Mohamed Racem Boussaha
  • Jérôme Calvar
  • Tom Canac
  • Guillaume Demarty
  • Imen Doudech
  • Ayyoub Gannoun, internship
  • Francis Guérin
  • Bassam Khorchani
  • Amadou Makhtar Tall
  • Fabien Maronnaud
  • Chafik Meniar
  • Aouatef Mrad
  • Mohamed Yliès Rahim
  • Julien Roux, internship
  • Lei Shi
  • Maxime Soucy-Boivin (now works for Gouvernement du Québec)
  • Jérémy Spieldenner, internship at Eckinox Média
  • Youssef Achkar Touzani, internship
  • Raphaël Tremblay-Lessard (now works for Cégep de Chicoutimi)
  • Jason Vallet, internship
  • Simon Varvaressos, recipient of an excellence scholarship from Fonds de recherche Québec
  • Kun Xie

Undergraduate students

  • Valentin Bailleul
  • Helloïs Barbosa
  • Gabrielle Bastien
  • Antoine Berthier
  • Nicolas Bergeron
  • Alexis Colin
  • Sarah Desmeules, NSERC undergraduate student research award
  • Vincent Gagnon, NSERC undergraduate student research award
  • Quentin Gouy
  • Corentin Kirscher
  • Killian Lachaux
  • Raphaël Laguerre, exchange with Télécom Saint-Étienne (France)
  • Alexandre Larouche
  • Kim Lavoie, NSERC undergraduate student research award; now works for Cégep de Chicoutimi
  • Gabriel Le Breton, co-founder of Totema Studio
  • Daehli Nadeau-Otis
  • Gaël Perrot
  • Martin Renaud
  • Dominic Vaillancourt, now works for Behaviour Interactive
  • Guillaume Vassal, exchange with Télécom Saint-Étienne (France)