Working at LIF

stock-photo-group-of-students-in-computers-room-145577401 We are always looking for top-notch students to join the team and contribute to our ongoing projects.

Working at LIF will allow you…

  • to learn cutting-edge concepts and technologies you won’t see in class
  • to acquire skills that will be useful when looking for a job
  • to add to your CV an experience in research and development (R&D)
  • to work in an open and laid-back environment (with other nice students like you!)

How does it work?

As a student of UQAC, you can join the team through a credited course or activity in your program of study. For example:

  • The courses Projet (8INF206) or Sujet spécial (8INF700) is you are an undergrad
  • An essay (3037) or Master’s Thesis (3017)
  • A Ph.D. thesis (3081)

We very rarely hire students outside of any credited acrivity, but you can still try!

Next step

Look at the list of currently open positions, or contact one of the members of LIF directly for more information.