For companies

stock-photo-34284024-computer-key-orange-researchResearchers and students at LIF can undertake projects of research and development in collaboration with industry. Our faculty have completed many mandates for various companies in the recent years: Hydro-Québec, Ericsson Canada, Novum Solutions, BlooBuzz, OmniMed, TLM, etc.


R&D projects are generally funded through a hybrid model under research grants. The main programs are:

  • NSERC’s Engage Grants. Up to $25,000 are awarded to the researcher by NSERC for a short-term project (up to six months). The company has no financial obligation.
  • NSERC’s Collaborative Research and Development Grants (CRD). NSERC matches every dollar invested by the company and part of its contribution in nature. Projects can last for up to five years and don’t have a budget limit.
  • MITACS’ Accelerate program. Students can do an internship of at least four months; half of their salary ($7,500) is given by the company, and half by MITACS.

Professors working at LIF have already done projects through each of these programs and know the procedure very well.

Moreover, companies can claim an R&D tax credit for every dollar invested in a project, creating additional leverage.

Use of funds

Research funds can be used for student remuneration, purchase of material, travel expenses and publication fees. (The exact rules vary from program to program.)


LIF has installations, located in UQAC’s main building in Chicoutimi, Québec, allowing for up to fifteen workstations.

Suggest a project

To suggest a project or for any other question, please contact the lab’s current head.