Finding bugs in web applications

Web applications are not exempt from problems. A tool called Cornipickle, developed at LIF, ensures that the pages of an application follow various kinds of constraints relative to the positioning of their elements, the possible sequencing of pages, etc. What’s more, Cornipickle can even pinpoint in the application the elements that are responsible for a violation, allowing the developer to save time when looking for problems.

The software, available under an open source license, was awarded the Best Tool Paper Award at the International Conference on Software Testing held in Graz, Austria, in the Spring of 2015. The following video, taken from that conference, shows the tool in action on a few simple examples.

The following slides give an overview of the bugs detected by Cornipickle, and the way to specify them to the tool. They were presented at the IBM CASCON 2015 conference in late 2015.


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Students involved (past and present)

  • Gabrielle Bastien
  • Nicolas Bergeron
  • Gabriel Le Breton
  • Francis Guérin