New technical report on BeepBeep

Professor Sylvain Hallé has just published a detailed technical report summarizing the works done at LIF on the field of Complex Event Processing.

Many problems in Computer Science can be framed as the computation of queries over sequences, or “streams” of data units called events. The field of Complex Event Processing (CEP) relates to the techniques and tools developed to efficiently process these queries. The report describes a variety of use cases taken from real-world scenarios that present features seldom considered in classical CEP problems. It also provides a broad review of current solutions, that includes tools and techniques going beyond typical surveys on CEP.

The report proposes a simple, generic and extensible framework for the processing of event streams of diverse types; it describes in detail a stream processing engine, called BeepBeep. Its modular architecture, which borrows concepts from many other systems, is complemented with an extensible query language, called eSQL. The end result is an open, versatile, and reasonably efficient query engine that can be used in situations that go beyond the capabilities of existing systems.

The technical report can be read online:

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