Open internship position: Data mining applied to video game logs (LIF18-A3)

The Formal Computer Science Laboratory solicits high quality applications for a project to be carried out as part of the 8INF859 (Internship) or 8INF860 (Essay) courses of the Master’s degree in Computer Science, Professional Profile.

As part of a collaboration with Ubisoft Saguenay, the project consists of developing and using data mining algorithms applied to the execution logs from various sources. The project involves the study of data mining algorithms, the development of research hypotheses, the development of a proof of concept and its validation using synthetic and real data.

The internship will take place in the premises of Ubisoft Saguenay, and involves the participation of a team of researchers from LIF ( of the University of Quebec at Chicoutimi (http: //, under the aegis of the Canada Research Chair in Specification, Testing and Verification of Systems. Among other things, the LIF is recognized for the development of BeepBeep, an open source event and log flow processing library that has been applied to many concrete computer problems, ranging from bug detection to video games. the verification of formal specifications in logs from various sources.

Please refer to the French version of this post for more details and instructions on how to apply.


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