Upcoming tutorial on BeepBeep at ICECCS 2019

A two-hour tutorial on BeepBeep will be part of the program of the 24th International Conference on Engineering of Complex Computer Systems (ICECCS), which will be held in Hong Kong, next November. BeepBeep is an open source event stream processing library, which has been developed by members of LIF over the past couple of years, and has already been the subject of numerous research papers and case studies.

The tutorial, led by LIF professor and main BeepBeep contributor Sylvain Hallé, will teach the audience the basic concepts of the library. Starting from basic concepts, this step-by-step tutorial will lead the audience through a variety of concrete use cases where event logs can be processed, analyzed, and provide actionable information about complex systems. It is the second time that BeepBeep is the topic of a tutorial in an international conference.

Attending the tutorial is possible by registering to ICECCS. More information on the tutorial can be found on BeepBeep’s own website.


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