Éric Laberge completes his Master’s Degree

Éric Laberge, an M.Sc. student under the supervisions of professors Sylvain Hallé and Raphaël Khoury, has successfully completed his Master’s degree in October 2018. His thesis, which lies halfway between theory and practice, had the goal of providing a mathematical definition of a video game, and then to use symbolic execution techniques to try to “solve” the game –which means finding the right inputs to provide in order to reach a particular point in its execution. Such techniques could prove very useful to developers to test a new product or reproduce an existing bug.

We shall mention this Éric completed this research while working for Ubisoft Saguenay, where he now work full-time on important projects that must remain confidential!

Congratulations Éric, and good luck in your future projects!


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