The Best Paper Award for a LIF Professor

Professor Sylvain Hallé, member of LIF, won the Best Paper Award at the 24th International IEEE EDOC Conference, which was held virtually in Eindhoven, the Netherlands last October.

His article, entitled Explainable Queries over Event Logs, describes a new technique for automatically explaining the result produced by a calculation applied to a sequence of events. For example, a sequence of events might represent a series of temperature values ​​measured by a sensor, and a calculation might assess a particular condition over a number of successive readings. If this condition is violated, the technique proposed by Prof. Hallé automatically makes it possible to identify and relate the elements of the sequence explaining the violation. Since this technique is generic, it can be applied to sequences of events representing a host of concrete scenarios: sequences of clicks made by a user in a site, sequences of operations in a banking transaction system, etc. The technique described in this article has been integrated into BeepBeep, an event stream processing library developed at LIF since 2015.

A more detailed version of this contribution will be published in 2021 in the journal Information Systems.

You will find below a video of the short presentation given by Prof. Hallé on the occasion of the conference.


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